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I proudly present Breeze, my flat style!

This style represents authenticity and freedom because it was born as a break from the perfectionism that realism brings.

With a young, cool, vibrant, original, fun and fresh communication and retro touches in unconventional compositions and a unique look, Breeze is the perfect match for outstanding advertising projects from strong and modern brands.
Her modern, technological and innovative spirit is also the best fit for application communication and the entire UI/UX universe, offering clear and objective illustration systems.

With authentic characters and the ability to make complex ideas and concepts tangible and create strong connections between brand and audience, Breeze has been catching the attention of global brands like Pixar and Disney for commissioned projects.

Inquiries and contacts for this portfolio can be made by email:

  • instagram
  • Behance
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

Main projects

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