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empreendedorismo na arte

About the course

My Entrepreneurship in Art course teaches effective strategies for dealing with self-employed career issues, in a confident and assertive way. The fear of facing the job market, financial issues and other aspects of the business will no longer be obstacles on your journey, artist! 

I'm an entrepreneurial artist and have been commissioned by clients such as The Walt Disney Company and Pixar. In this course I will guide you through all the necessary steps to start your artistic career as a legal entity. 

During the classes you will discover how to enter the market with a good positioning and career plan, learn the best paths and understand the challenges and mistakes that can be avoided to build a well-structured career and a prosperous business.

With a practical and results-oriented approach, I teach you entrepreneurship in art, market analysis, identity development, creating an impactful portfolio and much more!

To make the most of the course, it is recommended that students have knowledge of any illustration software and basic skills with Excel spreadsheets. 

Knowing how to look at your career as a business and use this to your advantage is the biggest tip for anyone who wants to become an artist!

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UNHIDE SCHOOL invited me to record a course teaching Entrepreneurship in Art.

The Champion Spirit project was created during the recording of the course in which I teach about creating projects for a portfolio with a strategic vision for the market and you can check out the entire creative process of this project right now in my course!