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sobre: Biografia

editorial, ilustrador, ilustração,estampa, illustration, pattern design, textile design, design textil

about the artist


I'm an Illustrator in the Advertising, Fashion and Editorial industry and I help brands to create an emotional connection with their audience using a unique visual language! I was selected among the 200 best illustrators worldwide by Lürzer's Archive and global brands like The Walt Disney Company and Pixar have already trusted my work.


Illustrator since childhood, I had my first professional contact with the creative universe with my graduation in Fashion Design completed in 2014.

I started my career in the Fashion industry as a Print Designer, where I got a lot of experience. So I just resumed my childhood passion for art developing a semi-realistic style that works with organic lines and textures inspired by beauty, diversity and nature with rich compositions and strong concepts.

I'm also the artist behind the Breeze portfolio with a flat and vibrant style and you can check it out here. Currently I offer both styles, with which I undertake and dedicate myself full time.

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